Framed: The Switcheroo

Well it took long enough to get here, but it’s finally Friday and, if you’re a regular visitor, you know that means it’s time for the Friday Frame. This one was a funny moment that happened at a wedding less than a week ago. Lets get to it!

This shot was from the reception of Ashleigh and Eric’s wedding just last weekend at the beautiful Rollins Mansion in Des Moines, Iowa. By this point, all of the wedding party and guests were ready to have some food, drinks, and get the party started the right way. I was running around getting photos of tables, decor, and candids of the guests when the DJ announced that the wedding party would be getting ready to do their grand entrance and requested for all of the guests to take their seats.

As this was going on, I ran over to the small brick courtyard to make sure every member of the wedding party was accounted for and get an idea of the route they were going to take when they entered the reception on the terrace. The wedding party was assembled and were getting in their order so at that point, I picked my vantage point that would give me the best photo opportunity.

The music began to play and the DJ took the microphone and started rattling off names. One by one the pairs of wedding party members came in doing a variety of things. Some threw the bouquets like footballs, others just waved, but there was one pair who did something a bit unique. This pair were actually husband and wife and they decided to take it up a notch by switching clothes! It took the crowd a minute to realize what happened but when they saw the groomsman in that dress with the chest hair sticking out, the audience erupted into laughter and applause. As for grand entrances, it definitely overshadowed everyone — except the bride and groom, of course.

I guess if you want to make an impression, sometimes you need to push the envelope a little bit. :)

Cheers and Happy Friday!

A bridesmaid and groomsman switch clothes | wedding photogrpaher