Framed: The Vintage Rolls

Good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to another installment of my Framed Series. As you know, on Fridays I like to post and talk about pictures from my past engagements and weddings to give you an inside look at some of the moments I share. This particular post is about one of the most popular guests that attended Kassidy and Austin’s Glen Oaks wedding — a vintage Rolls Royce. Lets dive in.

As I mentioned, there was a vintage Rolls Royce at this wedding because, apparently, you can rent them. Who knew? Anyways…the Rolls was pretty popular and I became aware of the car when the parents came over and told me it was out front and ready for the bride and groom’s departure. I really wanted to get some photos of the car because it was absolutely beautiful. So, I made my way to the front of the clubhouse and there it sat, right under the car port in all its glory. As I approached, other guests were taking opportunities to get photos with it and I patiently waited my turn.

When the gawkers had cleared, I started taking photos of the car in its entirety, but also some of the more recognizable details — such as the iconic grill and hood ornament. In my attention to detail, I didn’t notice a couple walking up, but heard a voice from behind me say, “Hey, can you take our picture?" I spun around and saw a normal-looking couple standing there and they introduced themselves as either relatives of the couple or family friends, I can’t remember which. Anyways, after the normal picture, they insisted on getting one that was a little more special…for the bride and groom. However, I was sworn to secrecy. This photo was just supposed to magically appear in the final gallery as a cheap laugh for the couple. I asked the man what he had in mind and he walked over to the car, put his hand on the fender, pouted his lips, and did a perfect Coppertone baby-like pose. Needless to say, I wasn’t expecting that and initially, it was hard to contain my laughter. But, I happily obliged and took the photo. He immediately rushed over to my camera and had the same reaction to the photo as I did — stifled laughter. Once more, I was urged to keep it a secret until Kassidy and Austin received their final photos.

But, the night wasn’t over and the Vintage Rolls got some more action as people continued to take pictures of it, climb inside it, and pose next to it. The hour was getting late and it still had one more important job, to whisk the couple away in vintage luxury. I spoke to the couple and they wanted to have a sparkler exit with the car in it. And, more importantly, they wanted to share a kiss in front of the car surrounded by sparklers. The only problem was, the path they would take to get to the car would put the car behind me and them walking towards it so it wouldn’t necessarily have the car in the background. But, thinking quickly on my feet, I arranged the guests in a wider arrangement so as the couple approached, I could snap some photos of them coming, crouch down to slip behind them and then shoot the rest of the shots as they approached the car and finally share a kiss in front of it, surrounded by sparklers. After the guests were arranged, the couple approached, grinning from ear to ear as the sparklers lit up the dark walkway. The couple passed by me and I dove into action, waiting for the final moment. Kassidy and Austin approached the Rolls and pulled each other close into the perfect final kiss to end the night. The crowd roared to live with cheers, clapping, and of course, waving sparklers. The couple climbed into the car and the crowd parted, giving them the perfect runway as they smiled and waved through the windows. All in all, it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Needless to say, that car made quite the impression to the wedding guests and turned out to be a fabulous addition to this amazing wedding.

Cheers and Happy Friday!