[FRAMED] Underwear Alterations

I've shot a lot of weddings and have been exposed to a lot of things. When you have a day filled with so many people and events, you're literally surrounded by moments of joy, sadness, laughter, and those little moments that no one expects to see. Today is one of those. Today on my [FRAMED] series, I'm going to share the short story of the underwear alterations. This occurred in a tiny little hotel room in Mason City, Iowa during a wedding in May of this year. For the sake of those involved, I'm omitting the names to protect the participants. Anyways, the groomsmen were getting ready in the hotel room in their usual fashion...having drinks, ironing, straightening ties, etc. I was making my rounds and documenting everything as I normally would, when I looked at one of the groomsman an noticed elastic bands around the middle of his thighs. I said, "Hey dude, I think I can see your underwear through your pants." His eyes darted downwards and a solemn nod from his head confirmed my suspicions.

Apparently, he was wearing boxer-briefs which, if you're familiar with male underwear anatomy, have elastic bands where they cut off mid-thigh. Normally, this isn't a problem, but I found out that each of the guys were wearing rented clothing consisting of white button up shirts, bow ties, suspenders and khakis. After taking a brief survey around the room, we discovered that the khakis ran a little small and being the only groomsman that didn't try things on beforehand, he didn't notice until it was too late. These things where skin-tight and that pesky little band was clear as day.

"Does it look bad? I don't know what to do!" Almost immediately suggestions came from around the room. Some said to leave it, a few others said to take the underwear off, but nothing was posing as a viable solution. Then, one of the guys half-jokingly said, "Lets just cut your underwear." Now we're on to something. All of us began to laugh, but that quickly faded once we realized that was the only logical solution. So,we called one of the ladies who had a sewing kit with little scissors. Within minutes, there was a knock at the door and a bridesmaid strolled in to see a guy with his pants down and all of us pointing and laughing...it looked pretty awkward.

We carefully trimmed around the bottom of the boxer briefs with no help from our conflicted groomsman who proceeded to shout and whimper about the proximity of the scissors to his...ahem. The work was surgically precise, which was quite a feat considering his legs never stopped shaking and twitching. When the dirty deed was done, we took a step back to admire our handy work and the boxer-briefs flowed free...leaving no evidence to be seen from the outside of the pants.

Overall, the event was pretty funny to watch and as you can see, I didn't hesitate to take pictures. Aside from the entertainment factor, let this be a cautionary tale to the fellas...always try on your clothing before the big day arrives.

Cheers and Happy Friday!

A groomsman makes some underwear alterations