[FRAMED] Wedding Fireworks

Hello and Happy Friday! Another week is coming to a close and we've got an awesome shot on today's installment of my [FRAMED] series. We're taking a closer look at the best way I've ever seen to kick off a reception...wedding fireworks! Back in May of last year, I attended one of the most fun weddings that I've ever had. I'll put it this way, my day started out on a farm with everyone running around with walking tacos, beer, people riding four-wheelers, and trap shooting. Yeah, pretty awesome right? Any wedding with that level of activity gets a thumbs up from me.

Anyways, we made our way through the hustle of the wedding day and started on the downhill slope as we entered the reception. Everyone sat at long banquet style tables in the center of the room with smaller, square tables scattered around the outer edge of the room. Each of the square tables had their own personality with decorations, but also offered an array of treats ranging from finger foods, candy, cookies, pies, and even an open bar serving up single malt scotch. I know...still awesome, right?

After enjoying a delicious dinner, we were all treated with some hilarious toasts – the kind where you're doubled over on the floor laughing. Dances got underway and they were beautiful to say the least...the couple was surrounded by friends and family on a dark dance floor with a single chandelier overhead. When the applause had subsided, the couple announced that they had a surprise for everyone and invited everyone to join them outside...for fireworks.

I stood there...puzzled. First off, this was the only time I had heard them mention it. I just remember thinking, Wedding fireworks huh? I've seen sparklers and things before, I wonder if that's what they meant.

So, we go outside and it's already dark at this point. Immediately I notice two attendants handing out sparklers to the wedding guests. Mystery solved, I think to myself. Predictably, the guests make a tunnel and the happy couple ran through it just as I had seen many times before. I found it odd that they did it before the big dance party and not at the end of the reception, but hey, I don't judge. I also wondered why they referred to the sparklers as fireworks, but again, no judgement. So, I started tweaking some camera settings in anticipation of moving back indoors, and then it happened....


Suddenly the whole horizon lit up with bright colors quickly followed up with a thunderous explosion. Holy smokes, they're not kidding, I thought as the luminous colors danced across the night sky. And let's be clear, this wasn't Uncle Bob popping off bottle rockets. The couple literally hired a professional pyrotechnician to come out and put on a show to kick off the reception. It was the most outrageous and awesome thing I had seen at a wedding...so much in fact, that I nearly forgot to take pictures!

The wedding guests all stood completely still, like a horde of zombies, just staring in awe at the beautiful show. I carefully meandered around the crowd shooting both the bursts of the fireworks and the bright colors that painted their faces. In a few minutes, the show as over, but not without unleashing a deafening torrent of explosions for a grand finale. After the smoke cleared and the sky darkened again, we could still hear a ripple of sound as it echoed across the landscape. It was silent again. After a few seconds, there was a roaring applause equal in magnitude to the fireworks. It was an amazing show and complete overkill for a wedding. Brilliant

So, I'll just sum it up by saying this...this couple had it right. This story is a real example of the phrase, go big or go home. Their wedding day was far from normal and every activity was different than I had ever seen before. And, you know what? I loved it. In my opinion, your wedding day is special and if you're going to get married, crank it up to 11 and make it really awesome. I'm not saying that you need to hire a pyrotechnician and have some wedding fireworks or anything like that. Instead, try to break the mold of the "typical wedding," and think outside the box. Make it memorable.

And, let me just throw this in as a final remark. If you're going to do something amazing like have fireworks on your wedding day...don't keep it a secret, please tell me!

Cheers and Happy Friday!

wedding fireworks light up the sky after a reception

wedding fireworks light up the sky after a reception