[FRAMED] Winter Entourage

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another installment of my [FRAMED] series. This delightful frame is a shot from Kendra and Jeff's wedding this past November and perfectly illustrates the importance of great attendants. Leading up to Kendra and Jeff's wedding we suspected there would be snow and by the time the week of the wedding hit, it became a certainty. Nevertheless, they were determined to go outside and get some pictures anyways, but there was just one problem. Picture a bride in your mind — I'm sure you're thinking of a glamorous woman, white strapless dress, and some beautiful heels, right? Thought so. Well, unfortunately, none of that says "I'm ready to go trekking through a blizzard." So, we needed to figure out a way to keep her somewhat warm and mobile. Enter Kendra's winter entourage.

Two of Kendra's stepped forward and volunteered to help us while we braved the cold. These two were rockstars. It was frigid, snow was blowing, and it was hard to walk; but they never complained once. They did everything from holding an umbrella to keep snow off the bride, hold her up while she walked, and even shouted things while we were shooting to make everyone laugh...me included. One of my favorite things was when we found a large evergreen tree with long, low-hanging branches. I'm trying to direct the bride and groom and the two attendants were behind me screaming "Oh my god, it looks like a treefort! Like a magic snowy tree fort!" It was so funny in fact, that it became and inside joke that we laughed about for the rest of the night.

This just goes to show you that having the right attendants on a wedding day are really essential to success. Finding people who are helpful, light-hearted, and entertaining can really make the experience that much better. Hats off to these ladies!

Happy Friday and long live the magic snowy tree fort.

Kendra's Winter Entourage helps her get through the snow