Gettin' Down to the Wire: Our Upcoming Wedding

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I'm getting married on August 14th. Everything else in our lives has literally been put on hold as we're doing the last minute scramble to make sure everything gets done. With exactly 24 days until the wedding, here are just a few of the things that we have sitting on our plate: • Planning a rollerskating pizza party/shower for close friends and family • Awaiting last-minute RSVPs for the wedding and the shower (for those who have been slacking...get to it!) • Arranging the final dress and tux fittings – my weight is currently a roller coaster, so it'll be anyone's best guess if the tux fits. • Working with the venue to decide on the final dinner menu and the decorations • Scheduling the boarding for all of our animals • Planning a trip after the wedding – we're struggling for fun destinations around the midwest. Any suggestions? • Designing the wedding programs • Selecting songs for the wedding, dances, garter toss, and bouquet toss • Choose photos for our custom guest book

So as you can see, our schedules are pretty full. As far as the wedding goes, I've gotten lots of questions on whether I'm nervous or even a bit hesitant about tying the knot. I can safely say that I have no feelings like that at all. I'm going into this knowing that I'm marrying the person that I'm meant to be with. Cathy is my best friend and my anchor...there's no one else I would rather be with and I can't wait for our big day.