Getting into the holiday spirit

Since the shooting season is basically over, I've finally been able to spend more time with Cathy. This weekend we've had a great amount of fun. We spent all day Saturday goofing off in town. We toured the mall, did some shopping, had a fantastic lunch, and saw the movie "Red" (awesome by the way). We took our time getting up on Sunday and had a great breakfast of coffee, bacon, and homemade waffles. We then decided to set up and decorate our Christmas tree. I guess after being out all day on Saturday, the bombardment of Christmas decorations from the department stores got us in the holiday spirit. Our tree

This was the first ornament we got together. We got it soon after we started dating three years ago at it's graced our tree ever since.

penguin ornament

As part of our Christmas tradition, we get a symbolic ornament each year. This year, we chose the penguins from "Madagascar." Every Saturday morning it's been our tradition to watch their cartoon together.

waffles and his hat

What the elf is this?

waffles removing his hat

Waffles decided he was done wearing a hat.

rags and his little red wagon

Rags and his little red wagon.

sydney and her hat

Sydney was a bit embarrassed to wear her Santa hat.

sydney looking pathetic

Isn't she pathetic?