Hallie + Hogan: Barnes Place Wedding

This was a tremendously fun wedding for me to shoot. Not just because it happened at the Barnes Place, one of my new favorite venues, but also because of the couple that I was working with...Hallie and Hogan. 

I worked with these two a while back to document their engagement and one thing became immediately clear to me – they don't fit the mold for your typical couple. These two like to do literally everything together, no matter the activity. Typically, the girls will usually bow out of hunting or fishing, but give Hallie a fishing pole and she'll be the first to cast her line out alongside Hogan. It's a perfect match.

This same spirit of adventure that followed them throughout the wedding day as they were up for anything that they felt would be fun or yield good pictures...including off-roading through some rough terrain on a golf cart for some final portraits before the sun went down.

Personally, I love casual weddings like this because it offers people the opportunity to kick-back, relax, and have fun with their loved ones...which is what weddings should be about in the first place. I'm super stoked to share this wedding so pass it on, comment, and share the love for this amazing couple.