Heather + Mallory: Ledges State Park Engagement

I'm proud to announce that after some downtime and a surprising amount of internal components, I got my computer fixed. Now, I'm ready to jump back on the blogging train and start posting some of the great opportunities that have come my way.

Lets begin with this beautiful engagement session for Heather and Mallory at the always amazing Ledges State Park. We met there in the dead of summer and wanted to take in the great outdoors on our own little creative adventure. Although portions of the park were closed down due to some mid-summer flooding, we managed to get around alright and find some beautiful locations for these lovely ladies.

It was such a blast working with these two and witnessing their wonderful connection. Their adventurous and carefree nature really made this session casual and fun — both qualities that I love to have in my sessions. I'm proud to share this session today so help me celebrate the engagement of Heather and Mallory, and be sure to watch the blog for some beautiful new work in the coming weeks. Cheers!