Holly + Jake: Engagement // Des Moines, IA

I still have a chuckle when I think back to these two. Shooting their engagement was so much fun. It's always a great experience when your subjects are so natural and comfortable in front of the camera. I do my best to lighten the mood, crack some jokes, and keep people laughing, but when they tables get turned and it starts happening to me...I know I better buckle up cause it's going to be a wild ride. As I said, these two were so natural and even though the day started out a little gloomy...the frames were looking good. As we continued working, we fell into this rhythm and everything just clicked...it was magical. We even had a little good fortune near the end when the sun decided to make an appearance.

Couples like this are why I got into the photography game in the first place. In the end, it all boiled down to a group of people having fun and sharing some laughs — that's what it's all about. I hope our paths cross again in the near future.