Joel + Eli: Child Portraits

Recently I shot photos of two adorable boys, Joel and Eli. We had a lot of fun and definitely helped me remember what it was like to be a kid again. Through this session, I learned quickly that I had to have near-ninja reflexes to catch the action. Here are some favorites from the day! Eli outdoors and Joel showing me a leaf he found Joel savoring the great outdoors Eli taking a stroll Hey guys, wait for me!

To answer your question...yes, this kid was throwing up gang signs...

Stopping for some funny faces RAAAAWR!!! What??? She's got cooties?!?! Brotherly love Juice! Eli is ADORABLE Adorable...the sequel I got what? Was it something I said? You think it fits? Woohoo! Swings! Eli and Jemma Where'd the guys go? LOVE this shot...the perfect moment Hey ladies... "You got a problem? You want a piece of this?" You got a problem? Want some of this? Wait wait! Don't take it! LOOK! A crack! "Cause this is THRILLER!!!" Can't believe this kid just pulled this move out. Classic. Cause this is THRILLER.... Catchin some awesome light with Eli RAAAWR! I got a post... I'm not sure why he was running like this, but it was hilarious. Joel running funny Eli decided Joel was being mean, so he chucked the juice bottle at his head. Joel rubbing his head Joel being goofy Busting out some awesome dance moves Playing on the playground Chilling out in the tunnel Look ma! No hands! Joel hitting up the slide