Jordyn + Sterling: Des Moines Wedding

Back in July, I was blessed to document a very special day...the beautiful wedding of Jordyn and Sterling. In speaking with them leading up to the wedding, it was clear that these two wanted something a bit unconventional for their special day. Having selected a laid-back venue like Sticks, it was clear that they wanted a low-key wedding without all of the formalities...just good times with their family and friends.

The wedding day had it's ups and downs – like an emotional rollercoaster. There were smiles, laughs, and tears; but one thing is was every bit as beautiful as these two people. 

After working with Jordyn and Sterling, I can easily say that these two are one of my favorite couples ever and I consider myself fortunate to have worked with them and helped them create some truly wonderful memories, Grab some coffee and buckle up, it's a good one.