Josh + Larissa: Engagement // Des Moines Engagement Photographer

I met Josh and Larissa at a wedding last year. Right away, I knew these two were going to be special, but I had no idea that these two were going to be this good. When we met for the engagement and started shooting, they let their guard down immediately and came alive in front of the camera. Their relaxed, care-free attitude was such a treat that it no longer felt like work, it felt like 3 friends just hanging out. We ventured into wooded areas with tall trees, rolled around in golden fields, and worked right up until the light had disappeared. They even entertained my seemingly crazy notion of using smoke bombs during their shoot. While a few of the smokey shots didn't work out as expected, I think the last shot was worth it and speaks for itself.

These two were so amazing and natural that I can't wait for their wedding next year. Until then, enjoy this sweet, scenic engagement.