Lexi + Dustin: West Des Moines Engagement

I was first contacted by Lexi a while back when she emailed me and said she had been a fan of my work for quite some time. So, when the time came for her to start planning their wedding, she admitted that I was near the top of her list. I still remember the consultation we had...she was so fidgety and bubbly that both Dustin and I decided she had the worst poker face imaginable. Needless to say, when you have people this excited to work with you, it's such a flattering and rewarding experience.

We decided to go to one of my favorite spots to take in some of the beautiful nature settings and, lets just say that this session didn't disappoint. Working with these two was such a humbling, joyful experience — we had a blast capturing the deep connection these two share. Unfortunately, their wedding isn't until next July, and I know that I'll personally be having a hard time waiting to get these two in front of my camera again. Scroll down, you'll see why.