Maddie + Mitch: Des Moines Wedding


I became connected with Maddie and Mitch through doing a several weddings for a group of families on their street that grew up together. Needless to say I was excited to be passed around as the weddings for this particular group of people tend to be pretty fantastic. This one certainly didn’t disappoint.

It was such an amazing day working with Maddie and Mitch to capture their wonderful Downtown Des Moines Wedding and photograph all of these special (and funny) moments. In all honesty, weddings like this don’t seem like work at all and everyone is so warm and inviting that I just feel like family. It really makes photographing easy and gives me a greater appreciation for the services I provide to people.

What can I say about Maddie and Mitch? As I learned from their engagement they are about as fun as it comes with their playful banter and charismatic personalities. Despite being goofy most of the time, in a moments notice they can shut it all off and give off some beautiful romantic vibes. It was an absolute dream to work with them and I really can’t say enough good things about this amazing couple. I want to extend my deepest congratulations and warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Cheers!