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black and white photo of meBefore I get too far into this blogging project of mine, I really wanted to take time to introduce myself, let you know where I'm coming from, and what I bring to the table. I'm going to structure this like an interview to make it a little easier to follow. That having been said, here we go:

[ Who am I? ] Hi, my name is Brian Davis. I am a professional photographer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm most known for my creative portraiture, but now I'm working to expand my range to encompass the more traditional styles of photography like seniors, families and children, corporate portraits, engagements and weddings, and anything else that comes up. I'm happily engaged and due to be married in August. Our house is full of animals and there is a constant state of chaos, but occasionally some silence breaks out and I can get some photo editing done.

[ How did I get started in photography? ] (more after the jump) I was going to school for graphic design and was always interested in photography, so I took a digital photography course as one of my elective classes and soon became addicted to the camera. I got my first DSLR and I took it everywhere with me, which led to me being an editorial shooter for a local news zine. Eventually, I got a job working as a graphic designer and I didn't have the resources to support my growing hobby, so I did the only thing I could...I hung up the camera. After two years, I finally got a new job with better hours and more money, so I thought that this was one of those 'opportunity knocking' moments and decided to revive my photography. I didn't really get into portraiture until I saw the work of Zack Arias with his beautiful off camera lighting – my world had been turned upside down. I pushed myself hard to learn all I could about off-camera lighting. After studying and watching videos for many hours, I finally got the hang of it and started booking photoshoots. The rest is all downhill from there.

[ Who are my photographic influences? ] Well, as I mentioned above, Zack Arias was a big one for me. He's actually the main reason I started doing portraiture or even picked up a camera again. Aside from him, I admire the work of Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Jackson, Joey Lawrence, Jeremy Cowart, Eric Ogden, and Michael Muller to name a few. I think it would be an honor to meet any one of these guys someday.

[ What is my photographic style? ] My photographic style is a bit unique to my area. I like to use whatever means necessary to get shot I'm after. Sometimes I'll use natural light for a softer look, but then I bring out the strobes for a more dramatic, edgy look as well. Generally, I like using strobes, I feel comfortable with them and like the control they give you. I always aim for shots that are well constructed and require minimal editing. Some things I like to see are pronounced directional lighting, bright colored clothing, and unique locations that can all add impact to the image. When shooting, I prefer to get all my settings correct in camera instead of saying "oh, I'll fix it in Photoshop." Doing things this way saves lots of time and keeps the pictures looking natural and clean.

[ What is my approach to business? ] When operating my business, I like to think I have a level head on my shoulders. I give each one of my clients the best service that I can and deliver the best quality product so they will keep coming back to me time and again. After a shoot, I edit the photos as quickly as possible because I don't see why a client should have to wait a month for photos, it's ridiculous. I try to get my clients something within a few days, but depending on my work load it could be a week or more. However, it will never exceed two weeks. When it comes to pricing, I like to keep everything reasonable because I believe everyone has a right to beautiful photos that don't break the bank. I also structure each package to include a disk of web-resolution images and a few prints so my clients can walk away with something after each shoot...after all, what's the point of getting shots taken if you can't show them off?

[ What are my plans for 2010? ] For 2010, I plan on working my butt off to make a name for myself and brand my photography as some of the best and most affordable photography in the area. I'm constantly working to build up a dedicated client base and eventually open my own studio.

Well, that just about sums it up for this quick insight into me and how I work. If there's anything else that you want to know about me, just shoot me an email at brian[at] or leave a comment and I'll answer the question in another post. Thanks for reading!

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