Melissa + Jake: Wedding // Teachout Building Des Moines

It's 12:17AM and I'm sitting in my office frantically finishing this post. Staying up late isn't out of the norm for me. Most nights I just sit in my little office for hours with the smooth beats of proggressive house music thundering in my headphones and my steaming cup of coffee to keep me company. Tonight was no different...and yet, it was. I wasn't tired. Usually, by this time, you can find me with my head down on the keyboard fighting sleep, but not tonight. Not this time. I was excited — excited to share this amazing wedding that has rapidly become one of my favorites. For me, storytelling is a way of life and I am so fortunate to tell the story of these two. I met up with the girls at the salon and everything ran smooth. We swapped stories, shared laughs, and kept things light-hearted because that's the way it should be. As the day progressed, the atmosphere never strayed from that path. Everything just came together perfectly as if it was meant to be. At the epicenter of this tranquility were Melissa and Jake who, above all else, were amazing to work with. After spending so much time with them on this special day, I really did consider them friends — a fact that was validated when 'goodbye' was a warm hug and a sudden rush of tears.

Even now, it's hard for me to put my feelings into words about what an incredible opportunity it was to work with these two. I guess some things really do have to be experienced. Thank you Melissa and Jake for trusting me to tell your story.

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