Mike + Bridget: Cherokee Wedding

Alright, here we go....We had a great time at Mike and Bridget's wedding. It was great catching up with family, for me – future family. As I said before, I wasn't the hired photographer, but I did have my camera on hand and snapped a few photos when I could. Here are a few I grabbed throughout the day. Congratulations Mike and Bridget! cathy's "fashionable" outfit

Cathy's fashionable outfit she wore to breakfast that morning.

Cathy and her Brother Mike

Cathy looking beautiful and Mike looking badass.

a beautiful moment for Mike and Bridget

Mike and Bridget by the lake.

the wedding program

The wedding programs.

cute little girl

This little girl was ADORABLE!

the beautiful flowers

The beautiful bouquet.

Bridget celebrating

Yeah! Got him!

heading to the reception

Heading to the reception!

reception decorations and cake

Wedding reception decorations and the delicious cake :)

girl doing a funny face


cutting the cake

Cutting the cake. Bridget kept screaming "Be nice...be nice!"

Timmy making a silly face

Just for fun...it's little Timmy...SAY WHAT!?!