Paige + Cory: Coon Rapids Wedding // Iowa Wedding Photographer

What can I say about Paige and Cory? Well, in my opinion, they are just two genuine people who have a big passion for life and love each other dearly. Spending their wedding day with them was quite a highlight for me this year. In a way, they reminded me of why I love doing this. Throughout the day, they were both really mellow and into just about anything. They knew that no matter what happened, they would still be getting married to their best friend. I think that's often forgotten as people try to chase the concept of the "ideal" wedding. They lose sight of what the day is really about – family, friends, and love. These two just nailed it. Their day was perfect and I couldn't be more blessed to be a part of it. Congratulations Paige & Cory. I shot this wedding with a good friend of mine, Devin Palmer. Devin has great vision and an amazing eye. It's a pleasure to have him help me on a few weddings this year.

Now, prepare yourselves, because this one is huge.

An orange pumpkin sitting outside Merle Norman makeup in Coon Rapids, Iowa.Merle Norman sign at the makeup counter in Coon Rapids, Iowa.Photography of assorted makeup on the table as Paige gets ready for her weddingSunlight streaming in the windows at Merle Norman in Coon Rapids, Iowa.Paige getting her makeup done for her wedding and photography