Pet adoption project: update

bill's adopted!This weekend we received some great news regarding our new Pet Adoption Project. Kristine from Panora P.E.T.S called and said that the lovable giant, Bill, got adopted on Friday and is currently living with a happy, loving family. The family that adopted him melted when they saw the picture and read Bill's story, so they called immediately to start the adoption process. This news was an affirmation for Cathy and I because it told us that great strides we were making for the animals are actually working.

We are now more motivated than ever with this project and won't rest until every animal is adopted to a happy family. I'm not going to lie, we do have our work cut out for us. But, if we band together and spread the word, we can and will achieve our goal.

On Thursday I will be taking a trip to the shelter to photograph all the animals and help tell their stories. So, if you are looking for a great pet, stay tuned...the photos will be posted along with some information on how to start he adoption process.