Regina + Aaron: West Des Moines Wedding

Today I'm proud to share a the story of a wonderful couple's wedding day near Raccoon River in West Des Moines.

Regina and Aaron are two fun-loving people who share a big passion for the art of dance. They've both been dancing for years and have mastered the smooth, graceful movements that you'd come to expect from this elegant art. I got a small taste of it during their downtown Des Moines engagement session, but it was nothing compared to their beautiful reception.

Our morning started with preparations wrapping up at the West Des Moines Marriott before staging a first meet for the couple in a little wooded area behind some industrial factories. We worked through some quick portraits before rushing back to their venue which sat upon a hill overlooking the river. It was a beautiful and scenic ceremony that we finished off by taking some stunning portraits of the couple while the guests had a cocktail hour. The couple strutted their stuff as they made their grand entrance and then the real dancing started. Ballroom dancing the floor for much of the night before the DJ took over near the end to loosen everyone up and bring the house down. It was an amazing day and so much fun to tell their story. Congratulations to Regina and Aaron!