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Getting into the holiday spirit

Since the shooting season is basically over, I've finally been able to spend more time with Cathy. This weekend we've had a great amount of fun. We spent all day Saturday goofing off in town. We toured the mall, did some shopping, had a fantastic lunch, and saw the movie "Red" (awesome by the way). We took our time getting up on Sunday and had a great breakfast of coffee, bacon, and homemade waffles. We then decided to set up and decorate our Christmas tree. I guess after being out all day on Saturday, the bombardment of Christmas decorations from the department stores got us in the holiday spirit.

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Joel + Eli: Child Portraits

Recently I shot photos of two adorable boys, Joel and Eli. We had a lot of fun and definitely helped me remember what it was like to be a kid again. Through this session, I learned quickly that I had to have near-ninja reflexes to catch the action. Here are some favorites from the day!

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