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GOYA: East Village

Lately I've been feeling a lit bit stale. I get this way sometimes where I take a long, hard look at my work and decide I don't like it. I decided it was time to plan a GOYA day. For those of you don't know, GOYA is an acronym for "Get Off Your Ass." The point of a GOYA Session is to grab your camera, go to a location, and shoot. It's that simple. I love doing this from time to time because it forces me to think, move around, and hone my eye. I like the feeling I have when I do this. I feel like nothing else matters, like I'm not being judged, and it enables me to experiment.

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James + Liz: Des Moines Wedding

Recently, I had another opportunity to second shoot a wedding with the always-fabulous Amy Allen. We fought rain and gloomy weather most the day, but just when it mattered, we were able to sneak outside and grab some fun shots. The ceremony and reception at the Art Center was absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations James and Liz!

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