Thanh + Yome: Barnes Place Wedding

One of the things I love about being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to work so closely with couples and document the special connection they share. Probably the thing I enjoy the most is the process. Initially, I meet couples at a coffee shop, photograph them during a casual engagement session, and work with them very closely on the wedding day. Through this process, I get to know them very well and it’s exciting to see how their love and connection grow over time.

However, in the case of Thanh and Yome, I didn’t have this experience. Initially, we talked on the phone and they didn’t do an engagement session. They simply gave me the opportunity to work with them to capture their wedding day. The first time I actually met both of them was when I showed up to the Barnes Place that morning to photograph their wedding. Needless to say, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I will tell you here and now that I was absolutely floored by these two.

From the very first interaction, they were warm and inviting — a subtle glimpse of what was yet to come. As the day progressed, all the pieces were there — anticipation, emotion, laughter, etc. However, I picked up on something else with these two….there was just an underlying energy that was truly remarkable. They had a rich history and through that, a very deep connection that really presented itself as they both fought back tears during their ceremony vows. When they stood on their rustic altar in front of family and friends, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as these two bared it all for the sake of love — it was truly beautiful.

I can honestly say that I feel a strong connection with these two and loved working with them to capture this beautiful love story. From the laughter and anticipation in the morning, the emotional ceremony, and the stunning sunset portraits — I was just blown away. I couldn’t be more proud to share this beautiful story with all of you and feel blessed to have the opportunity to know this great couple.