The Construction is Complete!

black and white photo of my computer with website up Welcome to the new blog! This blog has been a long time coming and after countless hours of staring at code, it's finally here.

You see, I've always wanted a blog where I could showcase my work and write articles online, but never really had a suitable platform to do so. A while back, I started a Blogspot blog which became the home to my Project:365. Although this didn't fill the void, it gave me the push I needed to jump to the next level.

So, if you've followed my project, you'll notice is that this blog looks just like the 365 blog. Well that's because it is...sorta. After receiving many positive comments on the simplicity and readability of the other blog, I decided to "reuse" the same template, but refresh it a little bit. Right away you'll notice that this blog is significantly wider. I simply got tired of squishing my images into a tiny 600px content area. This new one will accommodate images up to 820px wide without breaking a sweat. Awesome. A few of the other changes revolve around styling, but most of the changes are beneath the surface to make the blog leaner and meaner.

Now, I suppose it's time for the obvious question, "Brian, what are you going to write about?" Currently, I have no plans and there is a good reason for that. I don't want to be confined to specific genres of posts, I just want to write about whatever interests me personally and professionally. Anything could appear on this site including industry articles, photography techniques, lighting diagrams, and/or photos from my assignments...anything goes.

That having been said, welcome to the blog — hope you enjoy your stay!