The Value of Critique

Photo of Starbucks coffee shop window in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.Last night I was fortunate enough to sit down with Amy Allen, a renowned photographer in the area, and have her give me a critique of my work and talk to me about the business of photography. Our conversation touched on everything from how you present your work, professionalism, building your business around a certain niche, and marketing to reach a target audience. It was a great experience to receive advice and insight from someone higher up the photographic ladder than myself. I left our meeting with a renewed view of photography and a lot of ideas.

In light of my experience, I would recommend everyone who is really serious about getting into this business to shadow or at least talk with a professional photographer. These seasoned pros have been through it all. The amount of knowledge you can receive in a simple conversation is invaluable and will always help you grow as a photographer. So get out there and start networking!